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If you are an author, you need an identifiable online “doorway” to your book. This is where a vanity handle comes in. A domain registration from Book Branders is the best way to enhance your brand. There are hundreds of Top Level Domains (TLD) to choose from. Having a domain name with a “.com” ending is no longer necessary to establish or enhance your brand. There are several other possible TLDs to choose from. For example, if you’re writing a book about fitness, then you could own a .fit or .fitness TLD. You could create a domain name like Book Branders Domain Registration can help you secure a domain name for your needs.

What Does Domain Registration Cost?

Book Branders can secure most domains for you for $15 per year. However, some TLDs can be as high as $90. Yet, others cost three times that much. For those above the $10-$15 price range, a surcharge is assessed to cover the cost of handling. Handling includes configuring the domain for your website.

What is the Process for Ordering A domain?

Book Branders Domain Registration is a manual process. The steps on your end are simple. Go to and search for a domain that you would like to purchase. Furthermore, choose two other domain names as a backup.
Although unlikely, it is possible that your first choice would not be available by the time Book Branders attempts to secure one for you. Once you find a domain, come back here and click the “Buy Now” button and check out. In the order notes, enter your domain name and any other instructions. Once the order is received, we will secure the domain for you.

Can I just order and manage my own domain?

Absolutely! If you already have a domain that you want to use, Book Branders can assist you with pointing that domain to your website. Just contact us for more information.