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AKA: The Red Scribe

Jaye Marsh

Editor | Designer | Musician | Writer


Another creative of many disciplines, Jaye is a Swiss Army knife of talents. She is a manuscript editor and a graphic designer; a musician and a writer. She smooths the connections you need to make with your audience, whether through word or image, and often both. With her background in event design, sponsorship development, film, graphic design, and music, and her editing training from Simon Fraser University, Jaye can shepherd your project from the idea stage through to launch and promotion. As a performer she brings a knowledge of drama and presentation to all projects, merging art forms to create an experience for your audience that is most effective for your project.



I have been called a Swiss Army knife of interests and capabilities: editor and designer, musician and writer. I have an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University supporting my 20 years of writing and editing a wide array of pieces from articles and white papers to presentations and educational programs. I have a secret desire to lead a magazine, and have one on sustainable style just waiting for an advertising guru. I spent 10 years as an apprentice to a graphic designer of the glory days of Canadian design based on Swiss-line minimalism. As if I wasn’t busy enough, I am an active professional flutist, playing in several orchestras around the Greater Toronto Area. I’ve also worked in film as an assistant director (8 years), am learning medieval martial arts, I sometimes find time to knit, and I have two ACTIVE boys and a jack russell terrier type of husband. We all stuff ourselves, and all our gak, into a small house in the east end of Toronto, Canada.

Experience: 20 years in business non-fiction; 5 years in fiction

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Developmental editing. $.02 to .04 per word

Line edit/Copy edit. $.007 to .02 per word

Proofread. $.005 to .015 per word


Fee is determined by number of words, complexity of the text, amount of work required. These things can only be determined after an initial evaluation of the manuscript. Evaluations are $50, which will be deducted from the final invoice and come with basic advice and areas of concern.